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Button Band, Schmutton Band

February 19, 2009

Why in the world do we need button bands? I know that’s an easy question to answer in normal circumstances. However, as I am on the verge of completing TYC, only having the button bands left, I have to ask myself this question. I tried on the cardigan as is and I’m not completely in love with it. I’m hoping the rough edges will be smoothed out with blocking.

My last experience with a button band was when I knit PantaloneVerdeazules. I ended up giving that sweater to my mom. I couldn’t bring myself to wear it because the button was in the wrong place. Instead of measuring where the button should hit on my body, I just did what the pattern told me to and I paid the price. If I were to fit it, I would have to rip out the whole button band and I just wasn’t having that.

Back to TYC: I think it’s safe to say that I’ll have both button bands done by Saturday. Hopefully.

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