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Musical Shame

February 21, 2009

When I started my degree program in music ed, I was thrust into a world that I had no previous knowledge of. I didn’t know any composers, operas or  large orchestral works. As I began learning about these things, I began to see their value. What I also saw was the music that I had listened to before college, and I was slightly ashamed.

While my classmates could talk about things like Schumann, Tristan unt Isolde, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, and The Rite of Spring, all I could say was that I’d watched Carmen, heard of La boheme and I loved Rent, Wicked and Avenue Q. In my opinion, that was a sad comparison.

But one thing I’ve come to realize is that all music has its place. I don’t need to be ashamed that growing up, I listened to mostly oldies, boy bands, and musical theater. Now, I listen to a healthy mix of the new and the old. The music that reaches me crosses genres and time periods. And I think that’s what music is all about.

That being said, I’m uploading music from my entire life into my ipod (that I’ve had for over a year) without having to worry about what people thing when they check out what’s on my ipod. And yes, I am just now getting around to uploading songs. I’m lazy.

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