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FO: Tangled Yoke Cardigan

February 23, 2009


Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang

Yarn: 8.5 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

Needle: US No.3

I’m pretty proud of this sweater. It’s technically not my first sweater but it’s the first time that I actually tried to make the pattern fit my body. I think I was 75% there. I started this project back in April of last year and abandoned it shortly after completing the body. I really started getting to work on it in January and it’s finally done! 


Before this sweater, I had never attempted a bottom up yoke and I have to say, I prefer this method to the top down raglan. Once I got over the sleeves, the yoke (after the cable pattern) was fast. The cable pattern is another story. I had to rip this thing out 5 times, at least! I’d never done a complicated cable pattern before and I was having trouble keeping track of the cable crosses because I couldn’t read my knitting that well. That cable pattern was a real challenge but the final product is so classy.

The yarn was not that pleasant to work with, to be honest. It wasn’t knitting up smoothly and maybe that’s to be expected but it wasn’t exactly a joy to knit with. And since we’re being honest here, I have a confession: I didn’t do a gauge swatch. The body of the sweater was my swatch. That being said, I was very lucky with how this blocked out. Pre-blocking, the sleeves were too short and so was the body. After the magic of blocking, the sleeves are at my ideal length and the body is a good length as well. The one part of the sweater that’s wonky to me is the button band. I had a bit of trouble picking up the stitches evenly so the button band is sort of curvy. Oh well!  

Overall, this sweater taught me a lot about sweater construction as well as how to make a pattern work for me. Before this, I couldn’t wrap my head around how to attach sleeves to the body for the yoke. I finally get it and I have to say, it’s genius. I love this construction. After all the heart (and head) aches, I’m happy with the end product and I think this sweater will get a lot of wear.

Plus, it’s done for Stitches with time to spare! Next post, another FO. Amazing!

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