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Cozy Eskimo Coat

March 10, 2009

cozy-eskimo-coat-foPattern: Drops Design 103-1 in Eskimo

Yarn: 16 balls of Eskimo

Needle: US No. 11

Cast On/Cast Off: March 1 – March 9

Hmmm. What to say about this pattern? First, it was a pain to convert to inches. I know, Tape measurers have centimeters too but I did it for my comfort. Second, the pattern is vague. There are a few instances when I had to either go to the Ravelry forum to see if someone else solved the problem or just fudge it. I had to do the latter at least 2 times. For instance, the directions for the sleeve cap were off. Basically, I had to bind off x number of stitches on every other row x number of times before the sleeve was 22.5”. That didn’t really happen. My sleeves are actually 23” and I had to fudge my way through that. Not really a good idea for my first sweater knit in pieces. Third, seaming is not a picnic and I’ll leave it at that.

Pattern issues aside, I did like working with Eskimo. It’s really soft and warm. On Monday, I sat down for a few hours to seam the thing up. Then I wore it out to my night class. Let me tell you, best decision ever. While I was waiting to get picked up, my top half was completely warm. Sweet.

One thing I am glad I did was I made long sleeves. The pattern had an option for a 3/4” sleeve and I had to think long and hard about which I was going to do. I made the right decision. If I was 3/4” sleeves, all I have to do is roll the cuffs up. Presto Chango! 

The sweater is what it is: a bulky coat. I’m not so sure I’m ever going to knit another sweater for myself in this gauge because I’m not exactly the thinnest chick on the block. It sort of makes me look like a sage-y marshmallow… It doesn’t help that the shoulder seams don’t hit me at the shoulder but a little lower, which makes it look too big for me.

In the end, I don’t know how much wear this is going to get. Sigh.

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