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Where to, Sir?

March 13, 2009

After taking a test at 8 in the morning, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon chauffeur-ing my mom and my grandma around. I had a voice lesson from 12-1, after which I drove immediately to the Richmond district to pick them up. I had three problems: 1) I had Cow with me, 2) I needed to use the restroom and 3) I hadn’t had lunch yet. Any of those three on their own would have been no problem but the three together was unpleasant.

My mom’s phone was off so I assumed that they were running a little late. I took Cow for a walk around upper Clement until I really felt my bladder calling to me. After a handful of attempts to reach my mom on her cell, I called the doctor’s office. The receptionist informed me that they were in a consultation and would not be ready to go for at least another half hour. So I made the trip home in less than 10 minutes. I barely had time to take off my shoes before getting a call from my mom. Guess what. They were done. No time for lunch. Blurg.

So after getting myself ready, I headed out on the road again. They were waiting outside the building by the time I got there and hopped in. Thank goodness my grandma loves Cow because they had to spend the trip together in the backseat. Unfortunately for me, I could not just take her home because she had to fill her prescription at the busy Walgreens at Laurel Village. Lovely.

So I dropped them off and circled the block, searching for a legit parking space. No dice. I ended up a few blocks away in a residential area, parked in a space that was way too small for my Honda Accord. Whatever, they would be done fairly quickly, right? Wrong. There was a line to fill prescriptions. This would have been fine and dandy had my mom’s phone not been running out of battery. If all had been well, I would have just told her to call when they were done. Instead, we had to guess that they would be done in half an hour and agreed that we’d meet across the street from where I dropped them off.

So I dozed off while poor Cow bemoaned his confinement. I was jolted awake by the sudden fear that I had overslept and they were waiting for me. Luckily, I woke up just in time to meet them. As I drove by our spot the first, second and third times, I was hopeful that they’d be standing there. But no, it was not to be. I started taking bigger circles around the area and by the 5th or 6th time, they did make it out. When they got in the car, it was already close to 4.

The drive through the Marina district was pleasant. The sun was out and many people were out and about, some with pets. I lazily thought that maybe I should take Cow to the Marina green sometime. All the way to her house, my grandma was baby talking to Cow, telling him how cute he is and such. When we got to her house, she included him in the goodbyes. So that was that. My duty was done and it was time to drive home. 

By the time we got home, it was nearly 4:30 and I hadn’t had lunch yet. After having some soup, I took a short nap. For some reason, that didn’t really refresh me so I ended up vegging out for a while. I got some knitting done but not nearly as much as I wanted. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.

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