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FO: Loppem

March 29, 2009

fo-loppemPattern: Loppem by Norah Gaughan

Yarn: Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran, approx. 3.75 balls

Needle: US No. 8

Start: March 16, 2009; Finish: March 26, 2009

This sweater was an interesting. It’s knit bottom-up and for the sleeves, you bind off and cast on the returning row. I knit the 38” and the fit is, well, interesting…

fo-loppem-againThere were things that bothered me while I was knitting this but I was on auto-pilot. The first was how large the armholes were. I wish I had taken a before picture because they were insane. The bottom of the armhole was mid-bust level. Way too low. What I ended up doing was seaming it up. It’s not perfect because the purl ridges are visible but it’s way better than before.

The other thing that really is a pain is the buttonhole placement. The directions where this: “K4, k2tog, yo, etc.” I read that and thought, why is the hole so far over? Will that look right? I should’ve moved it to the center of the garter band, but like I said, I was on autopilot. So of course, while doing the finishing, I tried placing the buttons where the holes were. Alas, they were in the wrong place. So for FO pictures, I sewed the buttons on the right front and basted the fronts together. I plan on buying snaps and having the buttons be decoration.

Something else that bothers me slightly is how A-line this thing turned out. I don’t really know how to feel about it actually. So, overall, I’m conflicted. I won’t know how wearable this thing is until I sew the snaps on.

Just a thought: This is my 3rd finished sweater this year and it’s March right now. Could I possibly participate in NaKniSweMoDo? 

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