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And five months later…

September 17, 2009

Here I am. I have no excuse for the extended leave I took of the blog. I think it had a lot to do with the leave I took of knitting.

Toward the end of last semester, I had so much crap to finish that I had no time for knitting. And once it was over, I decided that the sewing machine that I bought months ago had been sitting in the box long enough. I’ve cut out all the pieces for basic napkins but I haven’t gotten around to sewing them together. I’ve also been working on some felt things that I plan on using in the classroom.

At the end of August, I decided to cast on for Owls by Kate Davies. After I finished that, sucked it up and finished the languishing Gathered Pullover. Both will be FO posts of their own eventually.

Now I’m officially back into the knitting swing of things. I bought a skein of Malabrigo worsted in Fuscia and I’m knitting another pair of Dashing by Cheryl Niamath for myself.

Cow for the most part is doing ok. He’s been plagued by a colon/intestinal problem for about a month now. It got really scary when he started expelling what resembled raspberry jam. After tests, he’s on two medications and a bland diet. Throughout all of this, he hasn’t gotten lethargic at all. He’s his normal nosy, boisterous self and I’m so glad for that.

In other news, the fall semester has begun and things at SFSU, and across California, are a mess. If I were to try and describe the situation in a nutshell, I would have to put forth a question: Where is all our money going? Student fees have risen 2o% but most of the lecturers have been let go and many, many sections have been cut. It is a very frustrating time. One of my general education classes had 75-100 students trying to add into the class. After opening a second section, this class still has 20 students sitting on the floor. It’s horrible.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully FO posts will be coming soon.

Oh yeah, the Giants are in the Wildcard race!

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