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Indecision: Red Blazers

March 26, 2010

I’ve wanted a red blazer for a while now but I haven’t really come across any in department stores or boutiques that I’ve really liked. So I turned to the interweb! I found a few that seem promising but I can’t really make a decision. Images belong to mousevox and sevethofeight62 respectively.

1. mousevox’s vintage prep school blazer [item listing]

Vintage 80's MOD Red Crested Patch PREP SCHOOL Blazer S/M

So cute, right? I love everything about the shape of this jacket, from the rounded hems to the short sleeves. The 36” bust might be pushing it slightly but I hardly ever button my blazers. The only thing I’m really balking at is the $36 price tag, not including the $6 shipping fee. Although, the shop announcement says that all prices are negotiable… In general, mousevox’s etsy store has good stuff and it’s worth checking out.

2. sevethofeight62’s vintage Pendelton boyfriend blazer [ item listing]

Sorry for the blurriness. The thing that troubles me about this blazer is the fit. The item is listed as a women’s blazer but I don’t see much waist shaping. The size on the label is a 6 but the chest measures 40” (measured flat at 20”). That just seems like a whole lot of room in there. The concrete shipping price on this is $13 but the starting bid is only $4.99 right now.

After writing this post, I feel compelled to try and make an offer on the first blazer. The more I wrote about it, the more enticing it became!

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